Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Digit-al Dozen DOES It All Again: Music!

Hello, readers! Today is the third day of the September Spectacular where the Digit-al Dozen recreate the first 12 months of themes in celebration of our one year anniversary! I decided to go out of the box a bit with today's MUSIC theme. Instead of doing nail art inspired by some of my favorite music, I decided to do nail art inspired by HOW I listen to music: Pandora Internet Radio!

It is a rare moment if you catch me listening to music at home and it isn't coming from one of my various Pandora stations. So this is what music means to me!

I've done a design similar to the background of the main page of and for my accent nail I recreated the app icon that is on my iPhone!

  • For most of my nails, I did 2 coats of OPI Dating a Royal.
  • Once dry, I did overlapping dots of China Glaze Rainstorm and OPI Dating A Royal.

What do you think of my "different" take on music nails? Thanks for reading! Come back again tomorrow for the next day of the September Spectacular!

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  1. Really great - despite I don't use Pandora anymore (switched to Spotify a few mos after it came out and now it's a little over 1 yr old and much improved) in it's search suggest trying it if you have not)...but that said, I do know the Pandora logo well. Love the dots that are muted in technique and colors used. Very good.

  2. So creative and perfectly executed!

  3. I love this!! That blobby blue texture is divine :)

  4. Very original, love Pandora too, but my favourite is Deezer :)

  5. These are perfect! You captured their logo splendidly! :)

  6. Ok, I seriously need Rainstorm. These are fabulous, you did such a great job!