Thursday, December 19, 2013

New Year's Eve Water Decals!

Press Sample

Good morning, readers! I know it's a bit early for New Year's nail art, but I wanted to share these water decals with you soon in case you wanted to order some to use for this year! If you missed it, you should check out my simple Tutorial Tuesday post on Christmas water decals! These are also made by Moon Sugar Decals so they work the same as the tutorial post.

Here is a picture of the entire sheet of New Year's inspired design images:

I had to get creative with this set and split 2014 onto two nails because that and some of the other images are just too big for my nails. Thankfully, there are a lot of smaller images too, like the circle icons and dancing people, so you should be able to find some that will work for your nails!

I chose to layer these decals over Zoya Brigitte and Sally Hansen Twinkle Toes-ty (review post coming Saturday!). So fun and festive, I think it turned out really great!

Moon Sugar Decals are $3.99 (for a 5.5" x 3" sheet) and come in a TON of different themes. You can also have custom decals made for $19.99 (for an 8.5"x 11" sheet)! I love that idea! 

COUPON CODE!! You can use my code 25AIA for 25% off at the store link below! This code expires on Dec 31, 2013 so don't wait too long to try them out!

If you want these in time for New Years, make sure you order in the next couple of days or you may get them too late!

Moon Sugar Decals Links:

Thanks so much for reading!

*The water decals in this post were sent for me to review with my honest opinion.The two polishes used were previous press samples.

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