Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cherry Blossom Nails!

Hey everyone! I was in a nail slump today. I must've redone my nails 5 or 6 times today before I decided on one to stick with. I got my teeny art brush in the mail today that I ordered on ebay(it's been a couple of weeks because it ships from china) and really wanted a design that I could use my new brush for.

I turned to Cutepolish's youtube channel tonight and that's where I got the Cherry Blossom idea! Go check her out, she has some amazing(and fairly easy) nail designs to try! I had fun painting these, and they were pretty easy if you are patient enough to paint the individual flowers. I found it relaxing after my busy day.

Next time, I'll try to make the branches thinner and less messy looking, but from far away they don't look too shabby :)

I used:
Base Coat: OPI Nail Envy
Tip(and inner flower) Color: Essie Blanc
Branch Color: Sinful Colors Black on Black
Pink Flower Color: Ulta Fuchsiamania
Top Coat: Seche Vite

Thanks for reading!
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  1. awe - super cute! i do not have enough patience to do anything like that! lol, GJ hook!!
    : )

  2. thanks!! :) I needed it once I put Hailey in bed. I was a lil crazed and i felt so much better afterward because it took all of my concentration so my mind couldn't wander onto anything else. Nailpolish=therapy LOL

  3. I love these! I will definitely attempt these for the cherry blossom festival in DC (if not sooner).

    I was wondering if I can do a nail request??? How do flames sound?

  4. So funny- I was just about to comment back to the person who commented on two of my posts (you) and in the meantime I saw this AWESOME mani in my blog feed or whatever it's called. This looks soooo good! You did an awesome job with those flowers!!

  5. @Cwalker, thanks and i love the idea of doing it for that festival!! I like the flame idea, let me look around and get inspired a bit to find some that I like! Thanks for the request, they are always more than welcome!! keep em coming!

    @Emily, thanks!! that's too funny. I was stalking some of your old blog posts today since I just found your blog. :)

  6. Oh wow that is so good! What seller on Ebay did you order the brush through? Do you like it?

  7. @serendipitously.create, thank you! This is the brush I got. Only 99 cents(free shipping!) and it took just over 2 weeks to get after I placed my order! I like it a lot. I have longer brushes and this is much easier for the smaller details.