Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jaded Skittles

Happy Hump Day!! I just love when the week is half way over already!

So I'm not sure that these actually count as "skittle" nails but I liked the title and since each finger is different, I'm just going to call them skittles.

I really wanted to wear my new OPI Jade Is The New Black but was bored with the idea of having all of the nails the same, so these are what I came up with!

Thumb is covered with OPI Black Shatter
Index is stamped with Sinful Colors Black on Black with Bundle Monster plate BM-201
Middle is topped with OPI I Lily Love You(Heidi owns this so I had to try it out today!)
Ring finger has polka dots I made with a dotting tool and Pure Ice Electric
Pinky was taped and then painted with Pure Ice Electric.
Topped off with Seche Vite. :)

What do you think? Which finger is your favorite? I just LOVE this jade color. A new favorite for sure.

P.S. I took this photo with the light box I made tonight but I don't love the picture and ended up having to adjust the color in my photo editor. What bulbs are you guys using in your light boxes? Thanks!
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  1. Jade is the New Black is one of my favorites, too! I like the polka dot design, looks vintage to me!

  2. this is awesome! you are so creative! i love it!!!
    i love your ring finger and your index, so cute!

  3. I love the index finger! What a great idea to mix them all together. Looks great :)


  4. @Beanie, awe thanks!
    @Sarah, thanks! It's nice to change it up a bit!
    @Ericka, thanks so much! I love this stamp that's on my index finger!
    @Sandra, thanks!

  5. So creative! I love how they are all different but yet tied together with the base polish!

  6. I like the middle I lily love looks pretty over a dark base.

  7. @imfeelingnail-venturous, thank you!! that's definitely what I was going for!
    @beauxs mom, thanks! I do, too!

  8. Love it! I've always wanted to try this but I'm worried it won't come out well. My favorite nail is the middle one of course- I loooove sparkle.

  9. @Emily, Thanks! I'm sure it will come out well! I just picked designs that were easy for me and it didn't take very long at all! The ring finger took the most time because I did the dots with a dotting tool, but everything else was pretty fast and easy.

  10. index finger is my favorite. i'm going to have to get that plate!

  11. @Joy, It's from the newer set of Bundle Monster plates. I love it!!

  12. Love the Lily I Love You on top good combo.