Friday, August 19, 2011

Polish Haul, Nail Mail, and Milani Swatches!

Hey there everyone! Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I actually kept my pretty Barielle mani on for for 3 1/2 days!! Only minimal tip wear(I am very pleased with this company!!) and I usually take my polish off each day so that's saying something! I just loved it so much and had no chips! I really only took it off because I picked up some awesome polishes while I was out today and then got epic nail mail!! :) Here are some pictures!

This is the haul I got when I was out today. I seriously only meant to go look at the $0.99 Sinful Colors polishes at Walgreens...but then we ended up going to CVS, Target, and Ulta afterward. LOL oops. 
On the top row, left to right, all Milani polishes:  Jewel FX Gold, 3D Holographic Hi-Res, 3D Holographic Digital, 3D Holographic Cyberspace, One Coat Glitter Purple Gleam. 
On the bottom row, left to right, Sinful Colors Dancing Nails, OPI I Juggle...Men, and Revlon Royal.

When I got home, I saw that my ebay order of Nubar polishes had arrived!!! I got 2010 Flakies and the entire Sparkle Collection!! woohooo!! So gorgeous. My first Nubars!

  This is the 2010 flakie. I can't wait to show you this over my current nails tomorrow!!

These are the Sparkle Collection! Ahhh!! 
Top Row(L-R): Fire Sparkle, Petunia Sparkle, Hyacinth Sparkle, and Violet Sparkle.
Bottom Row(L-R): Star Sparkle(HOLO!!), Meadow Sparkle, Sky Sparkle, and Night Sparkle. 

I can't wait to swatch these this weekend for you all!! :)

 Here is a group shot of all of the new polishes from today!!(cute case the sparkles came in)

 I did this out of focus on Star Sparkle for you to see the holo-y goodness :) So excited about this one!

I know this post is getting long, but I couldn't wait to show you the swatches of all 5 Milani polishes I got today!!

 Here is Jewel FX Gold. This is more of a topper, but I wanted to try it on it's own to see what it could look like. This was about 3 coats but there are obviously bare spots. Still neat, though.

 I think it looks like fish scales :)

 This is the only One Coat Glitter I have. It's called Purple Gleam. It really is just one thick coat in these pictures!! Very impressed. Love this color, and the added black glitters in it. This is without a top coat so you could see that it dries a bit matte.

On to the amazing 3D Holographic polishes. I am in awe of these!! They remind me a lot of the China Glaze Kaleidoscope collection(which is hard to find now). These pictures don't capture the linear holo of them very well, but trust me, it is there! Not as strongly as the China Glaze, but enough for me to be happy with these and not pay a lot of money on ebay for the others. Happily surprised. :) Also, they look pretty indoors and not in direct sunlight, too, which a lot of holos don't.

 Here is the purple of the bunch. Called Hi-Res. :)

This is a pretty blue, even without the holo. I am happy I have it in my collection now! This is called Cyberspace.

 This is the pink, called Digital, and my favorite of all 3. Such a pretty pink!!

They had  gold, silver, and green in the 3D Holographic collection, but I didn't feel I needed them.

So what do you think? Thanks for reading!!

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  1. I have all the Milani one coat glitters and all of the 3D holos and I love them all. I traded a girl two recently and had to go buy them back for myself. I just got started on the Nfu-Oh and got my first order in of # 61 and the aqua base.

  2. Wow! Those Milani polishes amaze me! There is so much glitter in them! Very pretty on-but I bet they're a pain to remove!

  3. WOW! What an awesome post! Crazy!

  4. Ohhhh, I just got Nubar 2010 and reclaim today too!! Woo hoo! So pretty! Great haul I can't wait to see the sparkle ones :)

  5. going to be in nail heaven when i come over tomorrow!! i rly love the blue holo with your skin tone btw. im SO excited to see the sparkles in person from all your new nubars!! im SO jealous! LOVE LOVEEEE! "AHHH" '; )

  6. @Connie, I was so happy to actually find these in stores now because the swatches I had seen were from a LONG time ago. :)

    @Eat.Sleep.Polish, I didn't have too bad of a time, but I use the target brand acetone tub that has the built in scrubbers and it works great for glitters. The holos are actually smooth like regular polish so they wipe right off!!

    @imfeelingnail-venturous, thanks! hahah, it was a BIT much for one post, but I was kind of making up for my lack of post yesterday. :) glad you enjoyed it

    @Carmen, awesome! I ordered Reclaim the same day and it should get here tomorrow! Too funny!

    @Heidi, yes! And thanks, I have to agree with you about the blue! Ahhh!! LOL

  7. Nubar 2010 was my first Nubar purchase and I beyond love it. Can't wait to see what you do with it! And the sparkles collection looks pretty...can't wait to see it.

  8. I always go back and forth on whether to pick up any of the Milani Holos because I've heard mixed things. On my wishlist they go!

  9. Ooooh! I have some of the Milanis but I need to revisit. Are the Nubar Sparkles opaque?

  10. Such a great haul!

  11. I was just about to say that the gold looked like fish scales and then you said it! haha

    i've been deciding if i should get the holo milanis and i think that i will now :]

  12. Ooohhh you should of got the green Milani holo. It has a stronger holo effect than the others. Unless you don't like green. :)

    Great haul! I've been wanting Nubar 2010 for soooo long. I need to get it soon! :)

  13. Yay you got the holographic Milanis :-) This haul looks fab, I can't wait to see all the polishes swatched!

  14. @Lets Get Nailed, I keep hearing great things about 2010 so I knew this one was on my list when I decided to buy some. I love it on my current mani(that I'll be posting today once I get more sunlight).

    @Amanda, I was really happy with them!

    @Amanda, yes, revisit your Milanis LOL. I think the glitters are 2-3 coaters, I'll be testing and swatching for you this weekend.

    @Sirena Sparklestar, thanks!! I have a hard time reining it in sometimes LOL.

    @Amber Michelle, haha great minds think alike! Glad that I could help you decide!

    @Olivia Nobody, I saw the green one, and heard that it was more holo, but I already have China Glaze Kaleidoscope He's Going In Circles green and actually like that more sea green than the bright Milani lime one. You should definitely get the 2010! I found mine on ebay and I've also seen them on amazon for much cheaper(with shipping that is) than just off of the Nubar site.

    @Laura, thanks!! I am pretty excited!

  15. They're all so beautiful! And I can't wait for the flakie pictures. :)