Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My First Julep Maven Box!

Hello there, lovely readers!! I have a very long and exciting post to share with you today!! If you read my other post on Julep Maven, this post is about what came in my first box. If you didn't read my other post, here are some things you should know about the Julep Maven Program.

This is a monthly subscription to receive nail polishes and products for cheaper than you would pay if you ordered them from the Julep website individually. $19.99 a month for over $40 worth of products each month! You will sometimes get never before released items to try before they are available to anyone else!

You take a quick quiz and they will determine your "personality" and base your colors around that. I was American Beauty. There is also: It Girl, Bombshell, Boho Glam, and Classic With a Twist.

You get to see what you are getting in a preview email before it is sent out, so if you don't like what colors they've chosen for you, you can request a "shelf pull" and they will pick alternate colors for your Sneak Peek Box that month.

You can pause your membership, send to a friend, or cancel at anytime! I love that, no real contract.

You are charged on the 26th of every month(the day your box ships out) so if you want to cancel, pause, or send to a friend, you MUST do it by the 25th.

It takes 7-10 days to get to you via USPS, and they will send you an email with tracking number once it has shipped.

As a Maven, you always get free shipping and 20% any Julep.com purchases.

You also can earn $15 for each referral to the Julep Maven Program. Here is my link if you'd like to sign up and give me credit for it. (If you do, please let me know in an email or the comments so I can keep track because they had some issues with the referrals).

Okay, that's basically the gist of it. Now, lets get to my first box!!

 All of this came in the box.
-Alfre nail color($14)--not yet released fall color!
-Cameron nail color($14)
-Julep Base Coat($14)
-Full sized Facial For Hands Glycolic Hand Scrub($32)
-sample of hand scrub and spf hand lotion
Total of $74 worth of product for $4.99(the intro code of smh9oxu took $15 off, now I'm not sure what it takes off, but try it!)

I have tried the hand scrub and really like it! I try to use it once a day and love how it makes my hands feel! Definitely happy they included it in this box! 

 I love the unique bottle shape. A lot of others have mentioned that they kept thinking they were going to tip the bottle over when they were painting, but it wasn't the case for me. I was surprised how heavy the were and seemed sturdy enough for me! I love that they are different!

 This is Cameron. Gorgeous color I wouldn't have ever picked for myself. A little thick, though, and that caused some trouble with application. This is 3 coats just to cover some problem spots. I plan to thin it a little and hope it helps.

 Unique side of the bottle.

 In the sun.

 In the shade.

This is Alfre. Not yet released for their fall collection. You can see the shimmer in the bottle in this top picture. I ended up loving this color, after expecting to not like it at all. A little frosty so you can see some brush strokes, but it was hard to see them in person compared to these pictures. It was much easier to apply than Cameron.
In the sun.

 In the shade.

After having Alfre on, I realized that it went really well with my new OPI Mad As A Hatter and decided to sponge it on the tips and paint it on my entire ring finger nail. Love them together!!

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with my first Maven box and look forward to getting my September box next week! Here is my sneak peek of next months box:
I'm a little dissapointed that there is only one nail color in this month's box, and hope there will be more next month or I'm not sure I want to keep getting these boxes. I'm in it for the polish mostly, but it will be nice to have hand cream and cuticle oil to go with my new hand scrub!

So what do you think? Will you be signing up? Thanks for reading!
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  1. LOVE that you added a little MAAH to the last one. SUPER pretty!!!

  2. Love the glitter you added on the last pics-I am enrolled in this-but I don't get a tracking number! Guess I need to call them! I'm boho glam!

  3. @Whitney, thanks!! I couldn't seem to get any good pictures to capture the amazing MAAH, but in person i LOVED it!!

    @Fingers, awesome! I would call, I've gotten tracking numbers emailed to me each time a box has gone out!

  4. Oooh, I love Cameron!!

    I just got my Sept. box yesterday....should be doing a post soon! (Gotta love that I live in Seattle, and get the box a day after it ships!)

  5. @Angie, so jealous!! I probably won't be getting mine until this weekend or early next week since I live in Georgia LOL. Can't wait to see your post!

  6. I like the glitter you added :-)
    Sounds like a good idea and it's great that you can change the products you'll get if you don't like the preview!

  7. @Laura, yes, I am really happy about that! And thank you!

  8. That last pairing is GORGEOUS- such a good idea, and such a subtle touch!!

  9. If I'd live in the States, I'd order it, it seems so awesome. :D

  10. @Sandra, I'm sorry! I wonder if they will ever end up extending out of the States depending on the success they get now?

  11. Love that OPI polish!

  12. @imfeelingnail-venturous, me too!! I was lucky to get my hands on it! I am so happy!

  13. I like both colors but Alfie is my favorite, when I saw him I thought glitters would work well and as far as I can see you did an amazing job there