Sunday, August 14, 2011

Serena Williams Grandstand Finale set!

While at Ulta the other night, I passed by the sales associate on my way to the checkout counter and then had to stop and turn around because I noticed that she had just brought out the new OPI set from the Serena Williams Glam Slam series called Grandstand Finale. After thinking about it for a half a second, I decided I really liked this set(I hadn't ever purchased any of the earlier sets) and bought it. I really like this set, each color individually and layered with each other. I can't decide what my favorite one is, so I'll just show you the pictures!

First up we have Pros & Bronze. I love the different color glitters in this bronze! I saw pink in it the night I bought it, but in the pictures I am not seeing it anymore. Definitely a pretty color! This was 3 coats.
  This is in direct sunlight

 And in the shade. You can see the different glitters better.

 Next up, we have the other color in the set, Love is a Racket. A bright cherry red with the teeniest pink flakies. I love this, I just had a hard time capturing the flakies on camera. Much better in person. This was great when it went on, could be a 1 coater but I did 2 to make it richer.

 Direct sunlight

 And a shade picture. You can see the flakies better, they seem to be like a pink/red foil.

And then I layered a thin coat of Pros & Bronze over the Love is a Racket. 

  Direct sun

  Some shots in the shade so you can see the bronze on top easier.

I liked this set! I don't have anything like either colors in my stash already so I am glad I got it. What do you think? What's your favorite? Thanks for reading!
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  1. AMAAAAZING!!!!!!! i can't wait to try these, they look so good in the last pictures together!love it.

  2. @Beanie, thanks! I do like them a lot together :)

  3. I love Pros & Bronze! The close up shot is awesome!

  4. Pretty! Almost reminds me of Zoya Reva, but different enough to be osm on it's own accord.

  5. @Sandra, thanks!

    @imfeelingnail-venturous, that was my favorite when i first opened the package! But on the nail. I started to like Love is a Racket, too.

    @constantly undone, thanks. I'm not familiar with that Zoya but I'll check it out!

  6. I saw this set the last time I was in Ulta & I can't believe I passed it up! Both polishes are so pretty!

  7. pros&bronze is gorgeous and i really like the look of them together!

  8. @Olivia, too bad!! The lady there saw me looking at it and told me they probably wouldn't last long and convinced me to buy it on the spot LOL.

    @beauxs mom, thanks. I think with them together, it gives it a nice "fall tone"

  9. i like these a lot! I just got the set yesterday and can't wait to play!

  10. @Rachel, you won't be dissapointed!!

  11. I've been looking every where for these !!!!! I must have been to a billion and 5 shops :(

  12. I need these colors!!

    Thanks for following!! Love your blog!