Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 8 of the Sparkle-thon! Nubar Hyacinth Sparkle

Wow, is it Sunday already? The weekends always seem to go by so quickly. Today marks 4 months since my dear husband left for Afghanistan. :( But, on a happier note, his deployment should be done next month!! :D This is much better than his last deployment that was for a year.

Today is our final day in the Nubar Sparkle-thon. Hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have!! I think I may do a post tomorrow with one picture of each color so you can see the entire collection on one post. Also, I plan to do a comparison post with the dupes for some of these colors.

Our last polish is Hyacinth Sparkle. I love this color. I love purple, so I was really glad to see 2 different ones in the same collection. This was only 2 coats and I was very happy about that after the nail fail with Sky Sparkle.

 These first two pictures were taken in filtered sunlight. The sun wouldn't come out from behind a cloud for the few minutes I was standing out there in the heat, so this was all I could do.

And a shade picture.

Well, that's it for the Sparkle Collection. What did you think of them? Did you enjoy having a theme for the 8 days? Thanks for reading
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  1. This is really a pretty polish!

  2. @Fingers, thank you!! :D It's one of my favorites

  3. I love your photos!

  4. @imfeelingnail-venturous, thank you!

    @Veronica, thanks!! I agree lol

  5. Yes I loved seeing the sparkles! You should do something like this again.

    You take beautiful pictures too.

  6. @Sandra, thank you!

    @Emily, I LOLed at the "yummy"

    @Krissy, thanks for the input! I think I will! And thank you for the compliment!

  7. It'd be awesome if you stopped posting these so I could give my wallet a break! :)

  8. @Carly, hahahahahahah! Well, today I just did a recap and comparison post for these, so your wallet should be fine now!