Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sonoma Sunset!

Hello readers! I finally took off my 4th of July nails this morning(5 days later!) and decided to try out a pretty purple combo. I bought OPI Planks a Lot during Casandra from The Mani-louges blog sale a while back and hadn't tried it out yet. It seemed like a nice base color for the different glitters in Sonoma Sunset and I love how they turned out together!

Better angle without the glare on the glitters.

The blue shimmer in the clear base of Sonoma Sunset is my favorite part--I had no idea it was there until I wore it for the first time! 

I used:
Orly Nail Defense
3 coats of OPI Planks a Lot
2 coats of Sonoma Nail Art Sonoma Sunset
1 coat of Cult Nails Wicked Fast

What do you think of this combo? I love all of the different colored/shaped glitters in Sonoma Sunset!! This is definitely a favorite of my indie polish stash. 

Here is the Etsy Store for Sonoma Nail Art as well as the Facebook Page to keep up with shop openings and sales updates. She's closed up shop now so keep your eyes peeled for the next opening! They go FAST! I was lucky enough to have my friend, Ana, going to visit the store in Sonoma County where the polish is also sold and she picked this up for me!

Do you have Sonoma Sunset? What are some of the best base color combos you've used or seen used? Thanks for reading!
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  1. Great combo Jacki! I think I am wearing this one for my wedding day. It is such a beautiful polish.

  2. Oh I love these 2 together! I need to get a US friend that can order this for me then post it cos she doesn't ship international! I really want Parasol, but Sonoma Sunset is very pretty! Shame about the curling on some of the square glitter :(

  3. Just beautiful on you Miss Jacki =]!

  4. Beautiful! I love the combination!


  5. gorgeous! that glitter is stunning.

  6. This is lovely, but I will tell you Sonoma's are so freaking hard to get on her Etsy sales! This one was cartjacked from me before I could get out the door. I am dying to get my hands on Sister Sparkle and this one too, but I do have a lot of Sonoma's and I love them all. The choice of underwear here is spot on!