Friday, September 19, 2014

6 Harts Healing Calendula Cuticle Oil Review

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Good afternoon, readers! I haven't had much time for nail polishing lately, but I always make sure I'm applying my cuticle care items to keep my skin and nails healthy. I have had the opportunity to try a new healing cuticle oil from 6 Harts Polish and I'm going to share my findings with you today!

Here's what the maker of 6 Harts Polish, Courtney, has to say about her new cuticle oil:

"My Healing Calendula Cuticle Oil is versatile! The unscented version can be used on cuticles, lips, dry spots, or other areas that need a tiny shot of nourishing oil. It contains Apricot Kernel oil, Calendula-infused oil, Jojoba oil, Meadowfoam Seed oil and Tocopherol (Vitamin E). 

The container holds 5.9ml, but it is not full as the doe-foot wand needs to fit too!

I can offer you scent-free, man-made fragrances (MM) or a small selection of pure essential oils (EO) to make your cuticle oil even better! White chocolate (MM), Black Cherry (MM), honeybee (MM), lavender (EO), Tea Tree (EO), Orange (EO), and Bergamot (EO). I do have others, so please contact me if you would like a custom scent."

Let's talk about the bottle. I love love love the applicator for this cuticle oil. It reminds me of an old lip gloss I had in high school! There is an opening reducer that prevents the wand from holding too much oil, therefore it won't drip off of the applicator. However, the fuzzy wand holds enough oil in one dunk for at least 5 nails. I'm not skimpy with my cuticle oil, so I've never tried to do all 10 nails but I'm sure you could. 

You just pull out the wand and rub the wand wherever you want the oil. Below, I am showing how easy it is to apply to my cuticles. I even apply to the underside of my nail tips if my nails are long enough.

Once I apply, I use my finger to rub the oil in around my cuticles and onto my nails. It only takes about five minutes for the oil to be absorbed into the nail and my skin doesn't look oily after that.

The oil itself is a nice, thicker consistency. My scent is White Chocolate and it's hard to describe. Jen from Jen's Wonderland also has this scent and described it as being similar to smelling a tootsie roll. I think I can agree with her on that. As I copied from Courtney above, there are many different scents or even unscented available!

(Above: right after application)

What do you think of this new Healing Calendula Cuticle Oil by 6 Harts Polish? I am absolutely recommending it, I can't wait to try some of the other scents as well. The applicator really sets this apart from others in my cuticle care supply stash and it is one of the easiest to use. My 2 year old son, Owen, keeps stealing it from my nightstand and applying it to his own nails as well!

The 6 Harts Polish Healing Calendula Cuticle Oil can be purchased from the shop below for $5. 

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Thanks so much for reading!

*The product in this post was sent for me to review with my honest opinion. 

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