Monday, August 27, 2012

Eager Eyes is 20% Cooler!

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Good morning, readers! I have a mani with 2 different indie brand polishes today that I think go great together! I had just put on DandyNails Eager Eyes(from her newest collection) when the mail arrived this weekend with another purchase-- Rainbow Honey 20% Cooler. Holding the bottle for my "nail mail" picture to post to my Facebook page, I realized that they looked great together! I changed my mind for my original mani and put 20% Cooler over Eager Eyes, and then decided to mattify it! Love how it turned out!

Also, I got a new "light tent" in the mail and am getting used to taking my pictures in it instead of my old homemade light box. Tell me what you think of these pics!

I love the colors of the glitter in 20% Cooler! 

I used:
Duri Rejuvacote
3 coats of DandyNails Eager Eyes
1 coat of Rainbow Honey 20% Cooler
1 coat of MASH Matte Top Coat

Here is a swatch of Eager Eyes before I added 20% Cooler. It's packed with little holo shimmers but I can't capture that in the light tent because the light is "softened" and the weather wasn't nice enough for sun photos this weekend.

What do you think of this combo? Thanks for reading!

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  1. Wow! I really need to embrace the matte look bc this is beautiful!!

  2. I am addicted to Copious now for finding new polishes! I was able to get 3 stamping plates, and 3 polishes. I also got a friend addicted, and now I have someone I actually know outside of a computer to talk about nail polish with!

  3. the pictures are great!! and I love both polishes you used here!

  4. The first polish is really pretty! :) x

  5. Beautiful! I am obsessed with Eager Eyes myself these day :)

  6. i keep trying to purchase polish from there but keeps giving me an error when i go to purchase it! :(

    1. Where are you trying to purchase? Both Etsy shops are sold out right now, is that what you mean?

  7. Oh, wow. They're both seriously gorgeous polishes on their own, but together it's

    Very nice light quality in the tent too, btw!