Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lilacquer Fifth Element Collection: Part 1

Hello lovely readers! I have a gorgeous collection to show you over the next 4 posts from an indie brand called Lilacquer. It's called the Fifth Element Collection and is 8 polishes, most of which are duochrome! Sadly, I've never seen the movie that these are inspired by.

I'm splitting them up into 4 separate posts for you so I will be showcasing the 2 blues today!

Here is a group shot of all 8 bottles for you!

As I said before, today's post is of the two "bluer" polishes. They happen to be my favorites from the collection as well! (No surprise there, I love blues!).

The Diva Plavalaguna and Supreme Being

First, we have The Diva Plavalaguna! As stated from Lilacquer's Etsy listing it is a "deep blackened blue shimmer that morphs to an aqua green." I really like this one a lot! Very gorgeous and covered well on it's own if you didn't want to wear it over a base color. I'm showing over black, white, and by itself so you can get a good feel for the polish. No topcoat.

Index: One coat over black
Middle: 2 coats over white
Ring and Pinky: 2 coats by itself

2 coats over white

Check out that duochrome! This is one coat over black! So gorgeous!

Next we have Supreme Being. I think this is my favorite of the collection. The duochrome is so strong, it's even seen while worn on it's own. From Lilacquer's Etsy listing, it's a "cornflower blue shimmer with pops of soft pink duochrome." Also being show over black, white, and by itself. It's a little more sheer needing 3 coats if worn on it's own for full coverage. No topcoat.

Index: One coat over black
Middle: 2 coats over white
Ring and Pinky: 3 coats by itself

2 coats over white.

1 coat over black. That is a strong duochrome!

What do you think of these 2 polishes? Which is your favorite? They both had great formulas and applied easily. I am definitely a fan. 

Lilacquer polishes can be purchased for $9 for 15mL at her Etsy Shop HERE
Also, keep up to date with the Lilacquer Facebook Page HERE

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the other 6 polishes from the Fifth Element Collection!

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  1. First thing I have to say is OMG - AMAZING PICS!!!
    Second - is a bit more expected I'm afraid: I NEED THESE!!! LOL
    Thank you for the review. I love these and I definitely am going to look em up!

  2. These two look great. I love the duochrome effect when applied over black!

  3. i love them over black! so pretty