Monday, April 15, 2013

DARE Colors Neon Nail Art Tutorials!

Hello readers! I have some fun announcements today! I've been working with DARE Colors the past few months on nail art tutorials using their Party Animal set of 4 neon colors found exclusively at Walmart! I'm showing you one of the tutorials in this blog post, and would love for you to go to their Facebook Page to see the other 3!

Very soon, the new summer neon set, called Hit the Beach, will be at your local Walmart and 4 NEW beach themed tutorials will be on the DARE Colors Facebook Page as well! I'm having a wonderful time working with DARE Colors and hope you will go out and grab your own set at Walmart and try out some of my tutorials! (If you try them out, would you please share on the DARE Colors Facebook Page?)

The Party Animal set is the one at your Walmart right now:

Here is one of the 4 Party Animal Tutorials we've put together:

There are instructions for each step on the DARE Colors Facebook Page!

So that's all you get as a preview. Please go check out the rest of the tutorials, like the page, and tell them Adventures In Acetone sent you!!

Do any of you already have the DARE Colors Party Animal Collection? 

**I have an exciting announcement for you at the end of the week so make sure you tune in!**

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  1. Cool beans! Congrats! What a fun tutorial. I like the way it is set up. Very professional and easy to follow! I can't wait to pick some up and try this out!

  2. i love neons! these are so pretty an bright. its so cool that you got to di tutorials for them, they are amazing!

  3. You are so talented! They are lucky to have you! xo

  4. my sister in law almost picked these up for me but wasn't sure if they were good or not. I saw them myself at Walmart the other day. They do look pretty.. may have to pick them up some other day :)

  5. WoW! That's Haute! Neon colors are so electrifying! This mani is just that! Congrats on this awesome collaboration!