Thursday, April 18, 2013

Deborah Lippmann Mermaids Skittle Nails!

Hello, readers! If you saw the post I did last night of the new Deborah Lippmann Mermaids, you may remember me saying that I would be wearing all 5 colors in a skittle nail design today. The colors look too pretty together and I decided to add a delicate "mermaid tail" stamp over them. I love how it turned out! It was barely visible in the photos on Mermaid's Dream (pinky) but it was supposed to be subtle and not take away from the gorgeous polishes so I'm okay with that!

I used:
Duri Rejuvacote

2 coats of each Deborah Lippmann:
-Thumb: Mermaid's Eyes
-Index: Mermaid's Kiss
-Middle: Do The Mermaid
-Ring: Million Dollar Mermaid
-Pinky: Mermaid's Dream

China Glaze Devotion and Bundle Monster stamp plate BM209
Cult Nails Wicked Fast Top Coat

What do you think? I really like how these turned out together and plan to wear it for a few days! Have a great day, thanks for reading!

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  2. I LOVE this look! All of these polishes look amazing, especially together. I also love the order you chose to put them in. Great manicure =)

  3. Such a pretty look! I love how you tied them all together with the delicate stamping on top :)

  4. Love it! So pretty and perfect for spring!

  5. Love this so much! Adorable mermaid nails!

  6. Aw, this is gorgeous together!! I totally understand wanting to wear it for a while :)

  7. This is a gorgeous skittle mani! I really love the look of the polishes all together.

  8. I love the colors and they look so pretty all together.

  9. ooooh eeeee these look gorgeous with the stamping!!

  10. Love all the colours! So pretty :)