Friday, April 19, 2013

GlitterDaze Spring Collections Sampler!

Hello, readers! GlitterDaze is releasing 3(!!) new spring collections early next week! There are 15 polishes total, and I have 6 to show you as a sampling! I love how different all 3 collections are from each other.

Here is what Sana told me about the three collections:
Spring Serenity collection:
6 polishes: A Peace of Heaven, Calming Waterfalls, Dewy Meadows, Fluffy Clouds, Soft Petals, Warm Sunshine.
Opaque in 3 coats. Layering  over a contrasting base coat gives them a cool look.

Easter Explosion:
4 Glitter topcoats: Bombtastic Bunny, Chicky Chicky Boom Boom, Dynamite Duckling, Eggsplosive.
Layer 1-1 ½ coats over a base color.

Sweet Dreams:
5 Shimmery Cream polishes: Cotton Candy Coma, Mint Summer Night, Peaches & Dreams, Strawberry Slumber, Very Berry Fantasy. 
Apply 3 even coats for full opacity 

I have 2 from each collection to show you today! 

GlitterDaze got new mini bottles!! They are tall and skinny, with long wide brushes! They are so much easier to use than the old short and fat bottles. It made application so much easier. Plus, they are SO cute. I want a ton more for my drawer LOL.

Let's start out with the two polishes from the Spring Serenity Collection: Warm Sunshine and Soft Petals.

Warm Sunshine is a clear base packed with micro hexes that remind me of the color of egg yolks. I'm showing three good coats with top coat. It dries textured so you will definitely want a thicker top coat for the glossy finished look. 

Soft Petals is the pink version of Warm Sunshine. Same application of 3 good coats and a thick top coat. These could be layered over a base color as well, but I wanted to show you how they built up on their own.

Now, I'll show you the two polishes from the Sweet Dreams Collection: Cotton Candy Coma and Mint Summer Night.

Cotton Candy Coma (I just love all of these names!) is a pastel blue creme with pink, purple, and blue shimmer. The shimmer is gorgeously intense when the light hits your nails and I love it! I used three coats below to even out any light patches and a regular quick dry top coat. 

Mint Summer Night is a gorgeous mint green creme with gold and blue shimmer. It is just as intense as the shimmer in Cotton Candy Coma and another winner! It was a little on the thicker side compared to it, though, so be careful with application. Showing three coats with a normal quick dry top coat.

The final 2 polishes are from the Easter Explosion Collection: Eggsplosive and Bombtastic Bunny.

Eggsplosive is a clear base filled with different shaped, sized, and colored glitters. I see satin, matte, and iridescent glitters in pastels: pink, purple, blue, white, yellow, and green.  There are shards, hexes, flowers, stars, and hearts. Such a fun, springy glitter and it applied very easily. I'm showing 1 1/2 coats below with a thick top coat to help with the big chunky glitters over Cotton Candy Coma.

The last polish is another glitter topper: Bombtastic Bunny. It is a clear base filled with holo silver glitters (in various shapes and sizes), pink hexes and circles, and aqua hexes, shards, and circles. Same application as Eggsplosive-- 1 1/2 coats over Mint Summer Dream and a thick top coat to seal it all in. 

I have one more thing to show you from GlitterDaze: A Luxury Hand Fizzy! Similar to bath fizzies except that it's for your hands and nails and you put it in a large bowl or sink instead of your bath tub. It smells like rose petals to me and is in a cute heart shaped form.

Here is what Sana from GlitterDaze wrote to me about the Luxury Hand Fizzy:

Instructions: fill a large bowl or sink with warm water. Place fizzy in the water. Soak your hands and arms for a few minutes. Massage your cuticles for moisture. The fizzy is very moisturizing and your arms will come out super soft!

Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, mango butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, milk, honey, vitamin E oil, red 33, rose fragrance. 

My daughter Hailey, almost 5, decided to be my helper in this demonstration of the hand fizzy! 

We got out our biggest mixing bowl so we could both share in the hand soaking.

You can see how big the fizzy is when Hailey is holding it.

Loving the fizz!

Fizzing Away!

Enjoying the soak!

We soaked our hands together for 5-10 minutes and it smelled really nice! My hands did feel like they were soft when I would rub them together in the water. 

It was nice to not have my hands feel dry and tight after they soaked compared to a normal hand washing. It certainly doesn't replace the step of hand lotion, but it's a nice pampering step for every once in a while! It's also really fun for kids!

The Luxury Hand Fizzies will be available for $1.50 each.

Tell me your thoughts on the spring collection polishes I was able to share with you! Which collection is more your style? Would you try a Luxury Hand Fizzy?

Everything will be available for purchase on early next week. Make sure you check the Facebook page for exact relaunch of the site!

*You earn loyalty reward points on each purchase, which can be used for discounts on future purchases. 

*Several new polishes will released at that time as well as Nourishing Nail Polish Remover and Luxury Hand Fizzy.

*Polishes are also available on the GlitterDaze blog: via googledoc

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Thanks for reading!

*The products in this post were sent for me to review with my honest opinion.

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  1. The glitters are pretty! How cute that your daughter wanted to get involved!

  2. I've always loved Glitter Daze's glitter polishes. It was one of the first Etsy stores I stalked when I first got into polish last year. Strangely, I've never bought any, as I wait so long to order, I miss out on the colors I love! Lol But this collection is absolutely adorable! And as Glitter Daze is amazing at glitterbombs, Bombastic Bunny is the one I definitely am going to pounce on! It's beautiful, and I adore shards in my glitters! Thanks for the review! This collection is a must-have for me! BTW, Your daughter is so adorable! Have a happy day!