Monday, April 29, 2013

Mont Bleu Glass Nail File Review!

Good morning, readers! I have a review for you today of a few glass nail files by Mont Bleu Company. They are based in Prague, Czech Republic and asked if I wanted to try out some of their tempered glass nail files and of course I agreed!

I didn't have a glass nail file that I was using before these arrived so I can't compare to other brands but I really liked using these! I'm used to a regular nail file and I was so surprised when using these at how quickly they filed down my nails without the tugging feeling I was used to with the filing motion. I had to be careful and pay attention to how much I was filing off!

Mont Bleu Company sent me three different glass nail files to review. 2 are from their "Crystal Line" and one is a Hard Case Nail File. The only difference in the Crystal Line files are their length. The smaller one is perfect for my purse while the bigger one can be stored in my drawer with other nail tools. I love that they have velvet slipcovers to keep them in when I'm not using them!

The Hard Case file is really great because it isn't decorated and is in a protective case so I think I'll give it to my husband to keep in his truck for the possibility of a nail break while we are away from home. 

Here is a little bit of info on both kinds:

Crystal Line: "Glass nail files made from high quality tempered Czech glass decorated with Swarovski crystals, one of our bestsellers. Ranked as the safest and durable manicure tool, our glass nail files will satisfy any need of yours; whether for professional use or home nail do. We offer plenty of designs, even with silver figurines, and semi-precious stones."

Hard Case: "Nail files in hard plastic case. As company which cares about customers, we thought about our conservative and male clients. Some of people prefer having classic nail files with solid handle. We have solution in this case too, glass nail files with plastic handle in safety case: hard case nail files. Hard case nail files are good for someone who travels a lot and prefers neat and simple things. Increased utility and durability due to smaller size and plastic case of this type of nail files allow you to carry it all the time with you." 

Here are some closeups of the two Crystal Line files I was sent. I love the pretty Swarovski crystal designs!

The mini Crystal Line file is about 3 1/2 inches long and is 8,00 €. That is about $10.50 in US dollars (with today's conversion at least). 

The full size Crystal Line file is about 5 1/2 inches long and is 10,00 €. That is about $13.10 in US Dollars with today's conversion rate.

You can find the full size Crystal Line files here:

The Hard Case file is about 5 inches long and is 9,00 €. That is around $11.80 in US Dollars with today's conversion.

You can find the Hard Case Files here: 

Mont Bleu Company has tons of other items as well. You will find tweezers, keyrings, hair brushes, lighters, mirrors, and lots more so go check out their site below!

Mont Bleu Links:

They offer free airmail priority shipping if you spend over $70 US Dollars. (Or 50,00 €).

Here is more info on shipping: 

"Packages are generally dispatched within 2 working days after receipt of payment and are shipped via air priority mail provided by Czech Post or by FedEX international priority service. Worldwide shipment guaranteed.

Delivery estimates for air priority mail is 14-17 days since the dispatch date.
Shipping time for FedEx international priority is 2-4 days."

**To give you an idea on estimated shipping, I put these three files in my cart and began the checkout process. Airmail Priority shipping was 3,00€ and FedEx International Priority was 28,00 €.

So tell me what you think of these pretty glass nail files from Mont Bleu Company! Would you order? Do you like the Crystal Line or the Hard Case files more? Or is there something else on the site you are interested in? Thanks so much for reading!

*Products in this post were sent for me to review with my honest opinion.

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  1. I need to get a glass nail file, I haven't tried one yet. They would save me money too, I always get those cheap files that have to be replaced after a couple months :/

  2. Although the crystal ones are pretty, I would probably prefer the hard case for protection, I hear how easily glass files can break. I have a Cheeky file I won, I wonder how these compare.

  3. these sound awesome and look really pretty!

  4. They are really pretty, I love the crystals on them. I love glass files!

  5. Oh I want these sooooooo badly!