Saturday, June 2, 2012

Shimmer-thon Day 2- Linna!

Good morning, readers!! It's time for day 2 of our Shimmer-thon! If you missed what's happening, go check out yesterday's post to get caught up!

Today, I have Shimmer Polish Linna to show you! Linna is a sneaky polish. In the bottle it seemed teal to me, but on the nails I saw a lot of green as well. It wasn't until I was editing my macro shot that I figured out the problem--it seems the two most prominent colored glitters are teal AND green. As well as some added colors that aren't as high in volume: red, gold, silver, and dark blue.

Linna is another super packed glitter polish with different shapes and sizes of the colors! I did 3 coats again to full coverage and topped with one coat of Shimmer Polish Glass.

Let's see the pics!

See those sneaky greens mixed in with the teals?

I've decided that I love bottle shots when they are glitters!

I used:
Orly Nail Defense
3 coats of Shimmer Polish Linna
1 coat of Shimmer Polish Glass

Linna was a bit thicker than Stephanie when it came to the application so I had to be careful how much polish I had on the brush at once or it was harder to spread. However, it made for a clean application and I had no stray glitters on my fingers except for a couple of fingers on my right hand(left hand isn't as great at the application of glitters yet LOL). I let each layer dry a couple of minutes before applying the next, as I did with Stephanie, and had no issues with dragging. 

All in all, another gorgeous color from Shimmer Polish and I'm excited to wear it out today! Cindy has an etsy shop HERE if you are interested in this or any of her other polishes. The polishes retail for $12 each. You can also find her blog with contact info HERE and her new Facebook Page HERE.

What do you think? Thanks for reading!

*This product was sent for me to review with my honest opinion
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  1. I have a felling Shimmer-thon is going to be bad for me. Longer wish list, and less overall savings. :). I might have to look away.

    1. LOL! Look away and miss all of the sparkly pretties!?

  2. how good is polish glass? I'm n the market for a good glitter tamer!!

    1. It works really well but it seems after an hour, the glitter has sucked some of it up. I haven't tried 2 coats yet because I don't mind a bit of texture. May be similar to Gelous. I will compare soon!

  3. Love it! Yet another teal for my list!

  4. I love the little bits of orange in this--they made the whole, decadent glitterbomb even more amazing!

  5. omgosh D: MY NAME IS LINNA D: