Thursday, June 7, 2012

Shimmer-thon Day 7- Tracy!

Good morning readers! This is now a full week done of the Shimmer-thon! I still have 3 more polishes to show you after today, though. Hope you are excited!!

Today's polish is a gorgeous gold mixture: Tracy! I'm not usually one to wear gold on it's own and can see myself layering this next time, but it was definitely gorgeous by itself. It was also another 2 coater like Vanessa yesterday!

Cindy describes Tracy as:

"The gold glitters vary from bright to dark, giving the polish a tarnished and vintage look which I prefer over the traditional yellow can see that there really are about 10 different types of gold glitters from circles, squares, bars, hexagons of different shades and sizes."

I definitely see the holographic bars and at least one other shape that flashes holo as well! It's so pretty!!

You can see in the macro that there are some teeny glitters of different colors as well!

I used:
Orly Nail Defense
2 coats of Shimmer Polish Tracy
1 coat of Shimmer Polish Glass

I can't wait to see what Tracy is like layered, or as a gradient tip!! How pretty would that be?

Cindy has an etsy shop HERE if you are interested in this or any of her other polishes. The polishes retail for $12 each. You can also find her blog with contact info HERE and her new Facebook Page HERE.

What do you think? Thanks for reading!

*This product was sent for me to review with my honest opinion

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  1. this is beautiful, I can really see the holoness and it seems like a completely unique gold glitter

  2. I usually love gold and I'm very much a traditional yellow gold lover, but I must say this one is so beautiful!! I really love it!!!

  3. wowza! love all the non gold glitter in tracy very beautiful

  4. What a rich, beautiful, GLAMOROUS glitter! The little hints of colour really make this gold something fabulous. :D

  5. I love glitter! I tend to shy away from it typically though because it's such a beast to remove! Do you have any tips on removing glitter without going through a whole bag of cotton balls?

    1. Absolutely! This is a link showing pretty much what I do to get off glitter:

      i usually use a half a cotton ball on each nail and leave on 10 mins for glitter this dense. It works SO well!