Sunday, June 3, 2012

Shimmer-thon Day 3-Melissa!

Hello readers! Today's post is later than usual because we were having a nice family day! It's time to continue the Shimmer-thon with our 3rd Shimmer Polish: Melissa!

Melissa is described by Cindy as:
 "A vibrant fuchsia purple... This polish contains pinks, lavenders, reds, golds and holographic glitters in a variety of forms."

 Melissa wasn't as dense as the others so far, and you can see so in my swatches of the normal 3 coats. Some of my natural nail and nail line are still visible through the glitter. I think it would be perfect for layering over a base color! It's such a pretty mixture of colors--very girly!

I can even see some light blues in there!

I used:
Orly Nail Defense
3 coats of Shimmer Polish Melissa
1 coat of Shimmer Glass

Another pretty polish from Shimmer Polish! It was easy to apply and I had no clean up! Cindy has an etsy shop HERE if you are interested in this or any of her other polishes. The polishes retail for $12 each. You can also find her blog with contact info HERE and her new Facebook Page HERE.

What do you think? Thanks for reading!

*This product was sent for me to review with my honest opinion
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  1. A beautiful polish with my name? I want!

  2. ohhh, i am totally sending this link to my friend melissa! ;) this is gorgeous!!!

  3. Great close up. You can really see all the detail.

  4. Wow thats an awesome glitter! I want!!

  5. "Melissa wasn't as dense as the others". For some reason that was the first sentence that I read. I thought, "gee that is not very nice". Then of course my idiot light went off and I had to laugh at myself. Pretty polishes. I am loving them so far!

  6. I actually think this looks nicer on, than in the bottle! Very pretty!