Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 8: Metallic Nails

Good morning, readers!! Ready for another 31 Day Challenge post? Hope so, because I have today's Metallic Nails challenge to show you. When I read Metallic Nails, I was a little bummed because it seemed boring and I couldn't think of nail art to do. I thought about stamping because metallics seem to be the best for stamping, but that didn't seem that exciting to me. Then, I remembered an awesome tutorial I saw from rebecca likes nails and knew this would look pretty neat with metallic colors! She is super cool has some awesome ideas! Go check out her page!

 Sorry for the glare on the nails, this was the least shiny in the morning sunlight. Metallics are hard for me to photograph!

I used: Base coat of Revlon Quick Dry Basecoat
Pure Ice Outrageous, Silver Mercedes, and First Time for the braiding.
Top coat of Out The Door(I used up all of my Poshe! Trying this for a change, but it's much thinner and doesn't add that nice thick layer of shine that Poshe does.)

I'm not sure why I got bubbling under the layers of polish. I'm wondering if my Revlon base coat(which I hardly ever use) wasn't completely dry before I started adding layers of polish and caused the bubbles somehow? They showed up about half way through the design :( Oh well.

So what do you think? Thanks for reading!
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  1. LOOOVE!! very cool design! and all those metallics go so nicely together!
    : D

  2. love this design, i tried to do it once, and my nails were just too short to show the pattern! looks great!

  3. How did you do this! Is so awesome I want to try this!

  4. Very neat, I'll have to try this sometime!

  5. this is amaze balls! i didn't even notice the bubbles until you mentioned it lol! great job!!!!!

  6. I love the crosshatching with these colors, well done!

  7. Whhooaaa... pretty! I think I would be able to do this! Thank you so much for linking to the tutorial!

  8. This is a great look. I would never have thought to layer metallics like this.