Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 9: Rainbow Nails

TGIF! How are you all this morning? Happy it's Friday? Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? Today's challenge is Rainbow nails and I was pretty excited to do this design! Rainbow Brite was one of my favorite shows when I was little(born in the 80s) and she is the perfect "rainbow" theme. :) I watched Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer and grabbed some screen shots for you to compare to the design if you aren't familiar with Rainbow Brite. See those below the nail pictures.
Index Finger: Twink the Sprite
Middle and Pinky Fingers: Rainbow Brite's colorful sleeves
Ring Finger: Rainbow Brite's Color Belt

I used: Base coat: Nail Envy
Red: NYC 131 Big Apple Creme
Orange: OPI In My Back Pocket
Yellow: Color Club Almost Famous
Green: Ulta Limelight
Blue: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue
Purple: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Deep Purple
White: Essie Blanc
Pale Pink(Twink's face) unnamed mini Color Club
Black: Sinful Colors Black on Black
Top Coat of Out The Door

Here are some pictures for reference:

This is a Sprite named Tink

Here is a good picture of Rainbow Brite's sleeves

This is a good picture to show her Color Belt

So what do you think? I had a hard time doing the teeny stars, and they didn't turn out that great(and got speared a bit by the top coat) but other than that, I love them!! :)
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  1. the pictures dont do them justice - they are EPIC in person!!! i love them! great job!

  2. So effing cuuuuute! Holy crap, I loved Rainbow Brite.

  3. wow! i love these! this will be my next experiment mwahaha ;D

  4. OMG! you're making me feel all sorts of old! Born in the 80s? Yikes! I was in late high school/early college. I think I am too old to be so into nail polish!! (43) I guess I'm just a late bloomer! I absolutely love your nail art! but I have no idea who these tinks are!!!

  5. OMG, Rainbow Brite nails!!! So stinking cute!

  6. This is prefect! Way to think outside of the box!

  7. Aww, how cute! I was born in the late 80's, but I don't really remember this show :-/

  8. You did a great job! Very cute!

  9. You have really neat ideas! Good job on the mani!

  10. So awesome! Tink looks so cute!!!

  11. NEED tutorial *gasp* one of my fave childhood cartoons!

  12. I have such fond memories of Rainbow Bright from when I was a kid. Your mani turned out super cute and really captured the show!

  13. Super cute nails! Love the middle finger!

  14. Thank you everyone!!! These were a lot of fun for me!

    @Freshie, I'll consider doing a tutorial! :)